Hornett’s Have Closed (for now…)

HWflyer3bHornett Garden Services and Hornett Wholefoods have now closed.  Thank you for your custom, we have enjoyed serving you.

The Hornett Wholefoods shop was run by husband and wife, Emma and Jonathan Hornett.  Emma said “We created Hornett Wholefoods as the shop we’d like to visit with all the things we like to eat but can’t buy in supermarkets, such as vegan Worcester Sauce and peanut butter that does not include palm oil or genetically modified ingredients. We also offer lots of gluten-free options and have chilled and frozen foods too.”

We had three great years in the shop, but, mainly due to increased competition from supermarkets, we decided to close. An archive of our blog can be seen at www.hornett.org.uk

Further updates can be found on this blog or on Twitter @healthyhornett

Photo0070 (2)Hornett Garden Services has also closed.  We’ve been gardening locally for seven happy years, with 2/3 gardeners.  Our moto was ‘We sow, grow and mow to make your garden glow’ and that’s exactly what we did!  We were constantly booked up, with 100’s of satisfied customers.

The Hornett’s will continue to garden, but not in private gardens for the foreseeable future. Further updates again can be found here or on Twitter @gardenhornett

The Hornett’s will be back, but as what will be revealed, come back soon to find out more…

5 thoughts on “Hornett’s Have Closed (for now…)

  1. Congratulations on your new venture I’m sure you will be very successful as folk are now concerned about what they put in their mouths.
    Good luck and much success.
    Love light & laughter from Ryta the Writer

  2. Hi Jonathan and Emma
    Just wondering how you are managing in these difficult times. From the u.k news it’s clear that the business support schemes are not working well for entrepreneurs. Don’t often see Facebook but would appreciate an email as to how it’s going please.

    • Hi Kirstie, we’re doing okay. Neither of us are self employed anymore. Emma is working for a housing association and I am a full time dad, plus have two part time jobs. Outside of work, we haven’t seen anyone really for months, mum via Skype twice a week, a few Zoom calls and the odd person at my allotment. Hope you are doing well? Perhaps we need family Zooms?

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